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About Christopher Eagle

I have spent my career innovating and rebuilding businesses around the world. I have worked with teams of diverse thought leaders to always look at life from all perspectives. Starting at the age of thirteen, I knew I was going to be an entrepreneur. I started mowing lawns in my neighborhood and quickly grew the business. I had about 15 lawns and my competitor had over 50 lawns, but I made more money with fewer lawns. We both offered a quality service, showed up on time, and built strong relationships with our customer neighbors. We both had great businesses, but I targeted the Professional Football Players (Washington Redskins) in our neighborhood. I customized my business to focus on the NFL customer and their specific needs. Based on my service I charged $100 every week to mow their lawns and at one point my family thought I was selling drugs! I wasn't selling drugs, but I was learning a life lesson about working smarter not harder to solve problems. 

We need creative new ideas and smarter government to solve the problems we face every day. I have been a part of creating companies like Erol’s Internet & and driving positive change for established company’s like Altria, Philip Morris, Covanta, and Crowley. I know how to bring people together and create common ground. Christopher Eagle and his six children live in Jacksonville, Florida.

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